2017 Bash Date Changed

2017 Bash Date Changed

Hi folks, due to circumstances beyond our control, this years SCAABIKERBASH has been moved to


Registration starts at 0900
Ends at 1130
Scone airfield Perth.
Suggested donation of £10 or whatever you can afford.

We found out today that there is a cycle race in and around the same route that we would have been taking from Pitlochry to Aberfeldy and all roads are closed to everything except bicycles. Their event was supposed to be held on the 8th of this month but they cancelled due to weather concerns . A bit stupid really because they don’t know what the weather is gonna be like next week either, but it is what it is and due to personal commitments with some of our marshals we found that the 27th is our best next date. We know it clashes a little with Erskine bike meet, which is what we were trying to avoid, but we just have to go with it now. So we hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience and we give our sincere apologies if it does.
We hope you can make it on the new date, but if not, ride safe and keep the shiny side up. Thanks folks.

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